About PRFX

PRFX is 100% Australian owned and managed.

Our team includes FX professionals with long histories in foreign exchange. We are passionate about our secure FX services and fully understand the needs of our clients.

Step 1

Sign up Online

Clients can sign up via our website at any time without any obligation to transact. This step will automatically generate an email with the necessary information to enable access to our client platform and “FX quote request” section.

You will be asked to submit suitable identification as part of this process.

Step 2

Obtain FX Quote

Quotes can be obtained via telephone, email or online using the client platform.

Log-in and request a rate for your exchange by selecting the currency and amount you wish to convert “from and to”. Provide full details of beneficiary including bank and account information. There is provision to set up your own beneficiary list for regular payments.

Step 3

Settlement Of Transaction

Remit the currency you are selling via bank transfer as per the settlement instructions we advise once deals are booked and confirmed. Upon receipt we immediately complete the transfer of your funds and issue our international payment confirmation.

We use the international payment systems provided by Tier 1 Australian banks to ensure the swift and secure delivery of your funds.

Compare Our Rates

Provider Exchange Rates Currency and amount you need to remit Fees Amount you PAY
PRFX AUD 1.00 = USD 0.7300 USD 100,000.00 Nil AUD 136,986.30
AUD 6,721.86 LESS you PAY via PRFX
Bank Sells IMT/TT AUD 1.00 = USD 0.6960 USD 100,000.00 Up to AUD 30.00 TT Fee AUD 143,678.16 plus AUD 30 TT fee = AUD 143,708.16
Provider Exchange Rates Currency and amount you receive and need to exchange Fees Amount you RECEIVE
PRFX AUD 1.00 = USD 0.7400 USD 100,000.00 Nil AUD 135,135.14 AUD 4,797.04 more you RECEIVE via PRFX
Bank Buys IMT/TT AUD 1.00 = USD 0.7670 USD 100,000.00 Up to AUD 40.00 Bank Fee AUD 130,378.10 less AUD 40 bank fee = AUD 130,338.10 you receive.

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